Mr Yousef Amar (PhD Researcher, Queen Mary University of London)

Dr Tosh Brown (Research Fellow, University of Nottingham)

Dr Jonathan Cave (Advisory Board, University of Warwick)

Professor Andy Crabtree (co-I, University of Nottingham)

Dr James Colley (Research Fellow,University of Nottingham)

Professor Jon Crowcroft (University of Cambridge)

Professor Lillian Edwards (Advisory Board, Strathclyde University)

Professor Chris Greenhalgh (co-I, Horizon, University of Nottingham)

Dr Hamed Haddadi (PI, Queen Mary University of London)

Dr Qi Li (Research Fellow, University of Cambridge)

Dr Tom Lodge (Research Fellow,University of Nottingham)

Mr Mohammad Malekzadeh (PhD Researcher, Queen Mary University of London)

Professor Derek McAuley (co-I, University of Nottingham)

Dr John Moore (Research Fellow, University of Cambridge)

Dr Richard Mortier (co-I, University of Cambridge)

Dr Dominic Price (Research Fellow, Horizon Digital Economy Research)

Professor Tom Rodden (co-I, University of Nottingham)

Dr Sandra Servia (Research Fellow, Queen Mary University of London)

Dr Liang Wang (Research Fellow, University of Cambridge)

Dr Poonam Yadav (Research Fellow, University of Cambridge)

Mr Jianxin R. Zhao (PhD researcher, University of Cambridge)


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