Databox Version 0.5.0 released!

This version contains a rewritten core-arbiter, core-container-manger and a new set of build tools. There is now no javascript in the code of databox. Most of the core databox components now communicate over the ZestDB protocol, the language-specific libraries have been updated to reflect this change.

The databox user interface has been moved for the core-container-manger into its own component core-ui. This uses a new experimental store based API to access data and API endpoints within the container-manager. This enhances security and enables audit logging by default. It also has the benefit that new user interfaces can be developed in the same way as databox apps.

The platform-app server has also been removed in favour of a databox driver that read manifest from a git hub repository (driver-app-store).

With these changes, the core of databox is much more stable and should be easier or extend and develop on in the future.

Have fun, and as always expect bugs and dragons. Please report issues on the main me-box/databox repository.

The Databox Team