Databox Version: 0.4.0

Databox Version 0.4.0 is now available for download:

Changes since last version:

Changes to me-box/databox:

  • Add funding/grant information see me-box/databox/pull/250
  • Always update node modules see me-box/databox/pull/247
  • enable broadcast traffic relay see me-box/databox/pull/243
  • Adds the needed authorization headers to the tests see me-box/databox/pull/241
  • Authentication see me-box/databox/pull/239
  • Update year in license see me-box/databox/pull/238

Changes to core repositories:

Changes to me-box/core-container-manager:

  • Fix app driver startup order see me-box/core-container-manager/pull/26
  • Fixes proxy DNS lookup errors see me-box/core-container-manager/pull/25
  • UI Updates see me-box/core-container-manager/pull/24
  • Adds a timeout and makes sure next() is called see me-box/core-container-manager/pull/23
  • Fix broken link #21 see me-box/core-container-manager/pull/22
  • Authentication see me-box/core-container-manager/pull/20

Changes to me-box/core-arbiter:

  • No changes in this version

Changes to me-box/core-export-service:

  • No changes in this version

Changes to me-box/core-network:

  • Enable driver to see broadcast packets see me-box/core-network/pull/5
  • ignore reverse lookup request see me-box/core-network/pull/4

Changes to me-box/core-store:

  • Update to zest 0.0.6 see me-box/core-store/pull/5
  • Update to v0.0.4 see me-box/core-store/pull/4
  • Move to jptmoore/zest:v0.0.4 see me-box/core-store/pull/3
  • Core-store v2 see me-box/core-store/pull/2

Changes to me-box/lib-node-databox:

  • Fix parsing of observe response with spaces in the payload see me-box/lib-node-databox/pull/36
  • Core store v2 see me-box/lib-node-databox/pull/35
  • Update to core-store v2 api see me-box/lib-node-databox/pull/34

Changes to me-box/lib-go-databox:

  • Fixes parseRawObserveResponse for payloads with spaces see me-box/lib-go-databox/pull/9
  • Update to new care-store API see me-box/lib-go-databox/pull/8